The Raven and The Blushing Nightingale

This entry is in response to Chuck Wendig’s entry at .

My mash up is a mix of Batman and Game of Thrones. This is my first flash fiction challenge.


The Raven and The Blushing NIghtingale

     “For years our people have been oppressed by the malevolent King. For years we have slaved over a cause that is not ours. It is time, Curt. It is time to take back what is ours! I have asked you to meet me here atop the castle walls this night so that we can begin to take back the kingdom for the righteous.” said Edward as he pulled a black feathered mask from his satchel and put it on.

    Curt gave a dumbfounded glance. He knew brevity would not be found. He placed his lap harp on a nearby merlon. “And why do you need that, Edward?”.



    “Yes, fear my good friend. Men like those fear very little, but all men fear the unknown. It is up to us to become the unknown. I will no longer be the lowly city guard named Edward. I will be… THE RAVEN!”

    Curt scratched his head. “The… The Raven?”.

    Edward’s fisted hand shot up into the air, his long black cloak fluttering away from his corpulent torso. “Yes, The Raven! My enemies will fear me as they would fear the most menacing of monsters. Their nightmares will become my home! They will weep at the mere thought of The Raven. Songs will be sung of me around dwindling campfires. Children will speak of me as they speak of minotaurs and ogres. I will be the fear that casts the evil into hiding!”

    Curt sighed. “And how do you suppose two men can battle an army on their own?”

    “Two men?”

    “Have you not asked me here to join this righteous cause?”

    “Of course, but you will leave the battling to me, for I am the more skilled swordsman.”

    Edward grimaced. “Then what am I to do oh great Raven?”

    “I am glad you asked.” said Edward as he rummaged through his satchel. With much effort he produced a much less intimidating mask adorned with feathers of pink and white. “You shall be… The Blushing Nightingale!”

    Curt’s brows furrowed. “The Blushing Nightingale?”

    “Aye, The Blushing Nightingale!” he said. “The Blushing Nightingale does not fight, he sings. That is why I have asked you to bring your harp along. You will play a tune that will instill fear in the hearts of my foes! A song that will stick with all those who see the spectacle of my fight. A song that will be heard and remembered so that bards can play it in taverns as they sing of my adventures. That is your duty as The Blushing Nightingale!”

    Curt crossed his arms. “I am sorry Edward, but I am afraid I don’t hold the same fiery passion for this plan as you do.”

    “That matters not. Passion will come. When you hear the song of my sword, your fingers will hunger for the harp. They will dance a dance so…” Edward’s monologue was cut short by the grumbling of the keep’s gate. He grabbed his cloak and wrapped it around his plump body. He waddled to the wall’s edge and squatted.

    Curt’s face was flushed. His tone was agitated. “So this is what you approached me at the tavern last night? To chase some wild…”

    “Shhh!” interrupted Edward, “The time has come. Ready your harp Curt. The King’s nightly stroll is upon us! Tonight a legend will be bor…”

    With a forceful kick to the back, The Blushing Nightingale sent The Raven flying from the castle wall. The Raven let out a crackling wail as he fell to the earth, and with a splat the would be legend was no more. The Blushing Nightingale picked up his harp, and as he walked off into the night, he played a most jovial tune.


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